India Forest Portal is founded upon the belief that information and knowledge are two most powerful pillars for conservation and that when we empower individuals and corporations with knowledge of what truly is, we create the basis of what is possible.

Founded collaboratively by IORA Ecological Solutions (IORA) and Vertiver, the India Forest Portal is designed as a platform to assist and inspire those individuals and organizations who are committed to enhancing India's forests. Consolidating policy developments, business frameworks, technology platforms, public private partnerships and individual activities relating to India's forest management under a single platform of IFP, we seek to provide easily accessible tools for conserving and enhancing our forests. One in four Indians depends directly on forests for sustenance. Conserving forests is not simply an environmental and biodiversity mandate, it is also a human rights and cultural preservation issue. We seek to bring information that relates to all these topics to as wide an audience as possible, with the goal of catalyzing collective action towards India's forest health. Managing and improving India’s natural resources is one of the top priorities of our country. This a platform that brings different constituents of society commit to real action for forests conservation.

India Forest Portal was launched on UN International Day of Forest, March 21st, 2015 as part of the national awareness campaign ' Forests are Life', organised by Forest-PLUS, Vertiver and IORA Ecological Solutions.

About Vertiver

Vertiver is a creative agency with a mission to develop environmental and social solutions at the overlap of business and innovation. Vertiver has developed a unique hybrid service model that integrates design thinking with sustainability to create strategic value within organizations. The agency brings over twenty years of international brand communications and sustainability experience to India and hosts an eclectic mix of brand architects, corporate strategists, sustainability professionals and designers who are passionate about helping organizations create environmental and social impact and engage meaningfully with their stakeholders.

About IORA

IORA Ecological Solutions (IORA) is a conservation firm with key expertise in environmental finance and policy. IORA’s key activities include Research, Advisory and Project Development across:

  • Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • Forest Conservation
  • Clean Technologies
  • New Market Mechanisms for Climate Change Mitigation

IORA is pioneering the development of REDD+ projects, Payments for Agrobiodiversity Conservation Systems, Biodiversity Offset Markets and Community based decentralized Waste Management in India. IORA's international and trans-disciplinary team works closely with National and Provincial Governments, Financial Institutions, Private Corporations and Communities to build and scale up conservation solutions.